COVID-19 Update: How the Ford Law Offices Are Serving And Protecting Our Clients

Is our office currently open during normal business hours?

Our office is still open and will remain open to our clients and to new clients as well. The business hours in effect are Monday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

When and how can I contact you?

We encourage my clients and new clients to contact me via email and/or call the office to schedule a telephonic consultation as we are attempting to limit in person meetings.

What video chat platforms do you offer for clients?

Our preference is for telephonic conference at this time. However, if there is an emergency need we can offer a video chat platform for current clients. We encourage our current clients to set up a ZOOM account with your designated emails if you have a upcoming hearing.

Is our office accepting new clients?

Yes, we are still open to new clients seeking legal consultations. We are currently offering telephonic consultations to keep our staff safe.

How can I get updated regarding the status of my case or legal matter?

We encourage telephonic and email communication. Always feel free to contact us and obtain status updates if you have not been contacted by one of our staff members.

Are the courts of law still open in my area?

The short answer is no. The Supreme Court of Georgia has issued a statewide emergency order that extends through May 13, 2020. Consequently, local courts are closed to the public. It would not be surprising for the courthouse ban to be extended due to the circumstances.

Will my court date be rescheduled?

We are currently working with Judges Assistants on a day to day basis on hearings that have been pre-set. The court is assembling certain matters to be heard by phone or video chat via ZOOM. We cannot assure or determine what will be cancelled or rescheduled.

What if I can't come to court because I am sick or quarantined?

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have been quarantined due to symptoms of COVID-19, then we ask you contact our office at your earliest convenience and notify us of same to advise the court immediately.

Will scheduled deposition, mediation, arbitration or settlement negotiation occur as planned?

Due to all of these matters needing all parties to be present we cannot risk the health and safety of our clients and Attorneys to attend. These matters will need to be rescheduled for a later date and time.