Diminished Value of Wrecked Auto

You have been in a car accident. Not only have you sustained injuries but your car also incurred expensive damage. Depending on the year, make, model, condition, purchase price and mileage of your vehicle (along with other factors), you may have a claim against the negligent motorist’s insurance company for permanent diminution in value to your car. Diminution is a fancy way of saying that the value of your vehicle has decreased.

The reason why your vehicle has decreased in value is because your vehicle incurred damage from a car collision, and because damage-free cars sell for higher resale values than damaged cars. If your vehicle sustains frame damage, the decreased value in your car could be even higher. The higher the damage, the higher the value for your vehicle.

The battle between accident victims and car insurance companies as to the value of a crashed car’s decrease in value has been contentious. In 1999, the Georgia Supreme Court held in Mabry v. State Farm that auto insurance companies must reimburse/pay the owner of a vehicle for the lost trade-in value. The Court used a numerical formula to determine the loss in value. The problem with this formula was that it did not reflect the actual permanent diminution in value to the victim’s auto. Yet, most auto insurers use this formula as the basis for paying car owners today. However, this particular formula is not the only way to determine the loss in value and the formula was limited to this particular case.

In other words, even though insurers attempt to cloak their low ball offers under the guise of the Mabry decision, the Mabry decision was only limited to that actual case and is not controlling to all other vehicles that have lost value on the roads of Georgia due to the carelessness or negligence of motorists. In fact, in 2008, the Georgia Insurance Commissioner, stated in a directive that: "The Department has never promulgated or produced by regulation any formula for use in the determination of diminution of value as it relates to physical damage claims, nor has the Department endorsed any specific formula or method." It also gave insurers instructions to: "… take into consideration all relevant information in the evaluation of diminished value claims including, but not limited to, relevant information provided by an insured regarding diminution of value."

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