Jonesboro/Clayton County

The city of Jonesboro, Georgia is located south of Atlanta in Clayton County. Of all the counties in the greater Atlanta area, Clayton County is probably the most plaintiff or claimant friendly venue for a personal injury or car collision case. Of course, this is an opinion. But, demographics are convincing. Let me explain.

The 2000 census reflected that the racial composition of the city was almost 73% African American and 20% white. The 2010 census shows an increase in African Americans. One reason among many is the increased cost of living in Fulton County (Atlanta), Georgia and affordable housing in Clayton County. Although merely an opinion, I believe that jurors in Clayton County on the whole are more receptive to victims of car accidents, personal injury claims and the like. I believe the general verdicts coming out of Clayton County, Georgia support that belief.

Historically, the city of Jonesboro was incorporated as a town in 1859 at which time it was a burgeoning and successful community. The central railroad served the counties of Henry and Fayette. The Battle of Jonesboro directly led to the Fall of Atlanta in the Civil War. In the early 1900s, Jonesboro sustained a population decline due to the advancement of the automobile and the movement of young people toward larger cities. However, Jonesboro has turned this decline around and is now one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia.

The Clayton County Courthouse and jail is located in Jonesboro, Georgia. The State Court is served by five (5) judges and the Superior Court is served by four (4) judges. The Clerks of Court do a fine job of progressing car collision and personal injury cases through the docket which helps facilitate a settlement or place the legal action on the trial calendar.

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