Atlanta/Fulton County

The city of Atlanta located in Fulton County, Georgia is the most populous city in the state. As of 2010, the city contained around 402,000 Atlantans! When you look at the big picture and factor in the Greater Atlanta area, we are talking over 5.2 million people in Hotlanta! This figure is not surprising. Atlanta has it all: major sports teams, large multinational corporations, great restaurants, greenspace, cultural events and temperate climate among others.

The 2010 census reflected that the major racial composition of the city was approximately 54% African Amercan, 38.4% white and 5.4 hispanic. The City of Atlanta is experiencing a notable increase in its white population which has far surpassed the growth rates in other big cities in the country. This influx is due to the migration of whites into gentrifying in-town neighborhoods coupled with the departure of African Americans into adjacent suburbs, such as Clayton County.

In terms of history. Atlanta has plenty of it and some of it is quite complicated. Settlers arrived in 1822 to mainly Indian land. In 1836, the commencement of construction of railroads bergan and development increased at a healthy rate. After the civil war had ended, Atlanta was gradually rebuilt. In the 1950s, transportation infrastructure allowed folks to travel and eventually move to the outlying suburbs. After many years, African Americans became the majority of the population in the 1970s and their political willpower grew accordingly. In 1990, Atlanta was chosen as the city to hold the Summer Olympics of 1996. During the 2000s, Atlanta was transformed in the cosmopolitan that we know and love today.

Atlanta is the county seat of Fulton County. The Fulton County Courthouse is located in downtown Atlanta. The State Court is served by eleven (11) judges and the Superior Court is served by twenty (20) Superior Court judges and up to nine (9) Senior Court judges. The Clerks of Court do a good job of progressing car collision and personal injury cases through the docket which helps facilitate a settlement or place the legal action on the trial calendar. Most car accident cases are filed in either State or Superior Court. Some are filed in the Magistrate Court where the amount of recovery is limited to $15,000.00 dollars. Although merely an opinion, I believe that jurors in Fulton County are solid middle of the road jurors and receptive to victims of car accidents, personal injury claims and the like. I believe the general verdicts coming out of Fulton County, Georgia support that belief.

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